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  1. ISV will only be conducting programs for this coming summer, 2018 in the Dominican Republic. We are excited to announce that we have started a new Dominican Republic, Baseball initiative entitled: Global Students Volunteer (GSV) - Dominican Republic. Our purpose is to assist the children in the impoverished villages of the DR with education, infrastructure building and recreation to improve their living standards in the name of Baseball.

ISV is making an exciting transformation and this year is focusing on projects in the Dominican Republic!

Connect With ISV Alumni

If have questions about the ISV program and would like to talk to someone who has traveled with ISV, we would be happy to put you in touch with some of our alumni who can tell about their amazing experience with ISV.  If you would like to connect with an ISV alumnus who has traveled to the same host country, click here to email us (alumni@

With over 30,000 past volunteers, it is astounding to think of the impact ISV has had on shaping the hearts and minds of our future leaders.  After completing their ISV program,  many of our alumni have reported being so inspired that they have changed the focus of their studies, continued to volunteer in their local community, or even  gone on to support ISV Volunteering initiatives through fundraising and financial donations.

As an ISV alumnus, you are part of a wide network of people who share something special – an experience that has changed the world you live in and how you view your world.  ISV and our host communities thank you sincerely for your efforts, dedication and energies and encourage you to keep in contact with ISV as you continue to impact your world.

We also encourage you to continue supporting ISV in any way, whether it be through word of mouth promotions,  donations of needed goods and equipment, or just joining the chatter on our Facebook page and providing advice to new volunteers who are preparing to depart for their own experience - your assistance is always appreciated!

Recent Recipient of the ISV Global Volunteer Citizen Award

ISV is pleased to award Lara Gilmore with the ISV Global Volunteer Citizen Award! Since volunteering on a community development project with ISV in South Africa in 2013, Lara has contributed an additional 20 hours of volunteering with her local Salvation Army.

“After returning home from my invaluable volunteer experience with ISV, I was determined to continue making a difference in my own local community. I had been touched by the smiling faces and positive changes we had made to the lives of people from a small community, located north of Cape Town. I was so inspired by this experience I wanted to find a way I could contribute my skills at home.”  

Thank you Lara for your ongoing efforts to positively change the world around you and congratulations on being awarded with this certificate. For more information on Lara’s journey, and how you too can become an ISV Global Volunteer Citizen, visit http://www.

Lara Gilmore, making a difference in her local community at the Salvation Army's Family Store (c) Lara Gilmore

Lara Gilmore, making a difference in her local community at the Salvation Army’s Family Store (c) Lara Gilmore

Lara, on her Community Development Project in South Africa (c) Lara Gilmore

Lara, on her Community Development Project in South Africa (c) Lara Gilmore



Michelle Pacis

San Diego State University / United States

The children were the best part of my travels. They don't have much, but they are willing to give you anything. The kid's are smiling from the time you wake up until you fall asleep at night. They are so much fun!


Hannah Cherner

Coastal Carolina University / United States

I have traveled a lot but this was by far the most amazing adventure I have ever been on, no joke. It's the perfect way to reward yourself after working hard during the volunteer project. You not only get to have a blast but you get to relax and enjoy every thing the country has to offer.


Rhianna Roberts

Bangor University / UK

My first time abroad was with ISV, I opted for South Africa and I really wish I was still there now. I enjoyed every second and wouldn't change it for the world! I made friends for life and not only with my fellow volunteers but with the people, they were extremely friendly and welcoming, I felt right at home! I have definitely left a piece of my heart in South Africa and I cannot wait until the day comes when I can visit again! If you pass up an opportunity to volunteer with ISV, I can guarantee you will regret it! So go on guys, sign up!